On August 10th, we will be making a change to our imposition configuration. This change will allow users to allocate their templates to the correct scope (Batch or File).

This change will not affect the use of your current imposition templates and will initially mark them as "Not set" however, over time, these templates will need to be allocated an accurate scope. This change allows our team to improve the imposition functionality further for our customers.


Sheet Imposition

Choose between "Batch" or "File". File imposition should be used when you wish to apply the template to the individual components pre-press processing. Batch imposition should be used when you want to apply an imposition template to all artworks in a batch before being sent to press. These options will allow different configuration options appropriate to the scope of the imposition.

For Sheet imposition, this change will also affect the available run lists for the imposition options. Specifically, the saddle-stitch run-list will now only be available for file imposition. 

Roll Imposition

Roll imposition templates are all at the batch scope, so no change required.