HP Piazza is a pioneering set of independent and interlocking cloud-based services that enable publishers to make book = manufacturing and distribution more time and cost-efficient. Now, publishers can build a virtual warehouse for the management, automation, distribution, print, and direct fulfilment of book orders, while holding zero inventory.


  • Content ingestion
  • Cloud repository
  • Catalogue management
  • Global distribution
  • SLA management

In order to utilize the full functionalities of HP Piazza, a general workflow must be followed in order to have all content necessary. The workflow proceeds as follows:

1. License Piazza and build a Publisher catalogue for managing virtual inventory

of print ready content.

  • Ingest content into Piazza
  • Preflight of covers and book bocks
  • Optimize for HP Digital Printing: Profile, Media, Color Management, File Size
  • Assign metadata and product SKU
  • Store in Piazza cloud repository

2. Submit orders via order management/distribution engine to a PSP with HP PrintOS

Site Flow enabled workflow.

  • Order number
  • Content identifier (ISBN)
  • Content components: cover, book blocks, wraps
  • Production data
  • Delivery instructions
  • Receive status update via Piazza dashboard from Print OS Site Flow: tracking information manage print service provider's SLA

3. Complete print production process via a HP PrintOS Site Flow enabled workflow.