The Account Settings page contains address and localized configuration information for settings like weight units, dimension units, currency, etc. Account settings can be configured by the account admin. Follow the steps below to configure account settings:

1. Click to open the Settings tab.


2. Click the Settings options on the left-side navigation pane. The Account Settings

page is displayed.

3. Edit or add account information into the following fields:


Company Name - The word by which the account's company is referred to

Address Line 1 - The primary address information

State - The state associated with the account, if applicable

Town - The town (or city) associated with the account

ISO Country - The International Standard country code 

Post Code - The series of letters and/or digits included in the postal address

Phonee number - The phone number associated with the account 

Fax number - The fax number associated with the account

Email address - The email address associated with the account

Timezone Group - The class of timezone the address is located in

Timezone - The region the address is located in that observes a uniform standard time

Local Date Format - The standard for displaying the month, day, and year

Weight Units - Defines the unit of measure for the weight

Dimension Units - Defines the unit of measure for width, length, and height

Currency - The system of money used for payment

4. Click the Submit button to submit the changes made to the account settings.

Click the Reset button to revert the account settings to their previous state.