The Files tab is the cloud-based repository where all the PDFs that make up the different PDF components of each title (cover, text, wrap, belly band) are added and managed. This area shows the files uploaded to Piazza, file status, and allows for folder and file management. When a file is uploaded into the repository, Piazza performs a virus check to scan and attempt detection of potential threats. Folder hierarchy is created by the user based on specific needs. Typically they organize the books by trim sizes. For example, a folder may be 210x297 Books.

File List

Upon clicking on the Files tab, the All Files page is displayed by default and contains all files in the repository . The user can

also filter by Assigned or Unassigned files using the options in the lift-side navigation pane. The list of files displays

the following columns:

  • Name 

    The list is organized in ascending order by Name column

  • Size
  • Updated
  • Status
  • Actions

From the files list page, the follow actions can be taken upon a folder or file in the Checked state using the ... menu:

  • Rename
  • Delete
  • Move
  • View Activity

If a file is in the In Piazza state, only the Download and Activity options appear in the ... menu.

Click to select the checkboxes next to the files or folders displays a menu at the

bottom of the page. 

  • Delete
  • Move 
  • Download (only appears when a file is selected, not a folder)

If a file is in the In Piazza state, only the Download button appears.

Files Page Navigation

  • Titles can be sorted by the Name column.  The up-and-down arrow can also be clicked to change from ascending to descending order or vice versa. 
  • The user can scroll from top to bottom to navigate the list and use the page numbers, Previous and Next arrow buttons, First Page and Last Page arrow buttons, and customize the number seen on a page.

The list page also display three buttons at the top right: 

  • Refresh button  - Reloads the page to show any changes to the list
  • Column button - Allows the user to customize the columns seen on the Files tab
  • Search Files - Type desired text into the Search Files field. Files matching the
  • criteria appear below.
  • Add Folder - Opens the New Folder dialog for the user to create a folder
  • Uploading a File - Opens the File Explorer window for the user to select a file to
  • upload

Below the All Files option on the left-side navigation pane are links to filter the view of the file repository by status. These lists have the same functionalities and layout as the All Files page. For more information on file statuses, see the Understanding Title Status topic.