Once files have been uploaded, they can be linked to a title via the Books tab. In the same tab, Specifications and Catalogues can also be added and configured. 

A title together with To create a book and link it to a specification and components, there are two methods: Single Title and Bulk Upload.

Single Title Upload

  • Achieved via the Add Book option 
  • Allows the user to create a single title's metadata in HP Piazza

Bulk Upload

  • Imports .csv file containing title metadata for multiple titles using the Import Titles option
  • May be more convenient to upload a .csv file with all required title metadata instead of having to configure each title one by one

Both single title and bulk upload books also require Specifications to be set in order to create the title. These specifications are related to details of the cover and text of the book itself, such as Trim Size and Paper Method. Additionally, users can choose to group books together by creating Catalogues

Upon clicking on the Books tab, the All Titles page is displayed by default and contains all titles in the repository organized in ascending order by ISBN column. The list of titles also displays the following columns:

  • Cover
  • Title
  • Price
  • Spec Code
  • Catalogues 
  • Status

Title, Catalogue, and Specification Page Navigation

Titles can be sorted by the Title and ISBN columns. Click the up-and-down arrow on the column heading to sort by that column. The up-and-down arrow can also be clicked to change from ascending to descending order or vice versa. 

The user can scroll from top to bottom to navigate the list and use the page numbers, Previous and Next arrow buttons, First Page and Last Page arrow buttons, and customize the number seen on a page.

The list page also display three buttons at the top right:

  • Column button - Allows the user to customize the columns seen on the Title and Specifications pages
  • Refresh button  - Reloads the page to show any changes to the list

Below the All option within the Titles section on the left-side navigation pane are links to filter the view of the title repository by status. These lists have the same functionalities and layout as the All Titles page. For more information on title statuses, see the Understanding Title Status topic.