Single titles are able to be added via the Add Book button located on the top, right of any of the Titles page. 

Linking Cover and Text Files

Once uploaded, the user further configures the title within the Title Properties page. Titles are required to link two files: Cover and Text. In the Title Properties page, the user must go through the process of uploading the file for each component and passing preflight and spec checks to ensure the cover and text files fit the specifications.

The Components section includes all tools necessary to complete the aforementioned upload and checks. This includes detailed annotation files on failed checks, failed spec check information visible by hovering over the spec check status, as well as a Spec Corrector option to fix issues that caused a failed spec check. Once all required metadata is entered correctly, the title is able to be published. 

Once created, the Title Properties page can be revisited by clicking on the title within the list in the Titles section. 

The Titles Properties page of each title contains the following information:

  • Specification associated with the titles
  • All metadata entered for the title
  • Catalogues associated with the title
  • Tags or additional searchable data associated with the title
  • Title history or activity performed on the title and linked files
  • Files linked to the title and their status
  • Title status