Follow the steps below to add the metadata for a single title:

1. Click to open the Books tab.

2. Click the Add Title button on the top right of the page.

The Add Title button is always located in the top right of the page when working within any filtered view of the Titles section.

The Create a new title dialog appears.

3. Enter the following information into the associated fields within the Create new title dialog:

Title - The name or designation given to the title

Author - The writer or creator of the title 

ISBN - The numeric commercial book identifier

Source Product ID - Can be same as ISBN but it will depend on customer integration needs and is used for ordering the title through the API

Unit Price - The RRP of the book, which is used for customs reasons, appears on the commercial invoice for a shipment, and is not shared with customers

Weight - Information used to calculate weight for packaging and shipment of books at the PSP, which must be accurate for customs reasons

Spine Bulk - Spine width for a book that can be manually entered or calculated in HP Piazza based on substrate width and page count

Specification - Description or Spec Code from the Specifications list for the Specification that should be referenced by this title

The Specification must be created prior to linking it to a title. For more information, see the Adding Specifications topic. Choose the specification by selecting the desired option from the drop-down menu. 

4. Click the Save button. The new title is saved and its Title Properties page automatically opens.

All fields must have valid inputs before being saved.

5. View and edit the title properties on this page, if desired. The title can also be viewed in the list of titles under the Titles section.

For more information on editing title properties, see the Configuring a Title topic.