Once a book has been created and checked, the order is ready for submission. The Orders page manages order submissions, order routing,  and displays the status of all orders submitted by the Publisher (source) to all PSPs (destination). Orders are tracked via HP Piazza, and the status shown provides tracking information required from the publisher's perspective. Order details can be viewed by clicking on the order. Within the Order Details, shipment information can be edited for each order up until the order reaches dispatch. Production information is not provided in the Orders page or within the Order Details. Production information is found in the PSP Site Flow instance once the order is routed to the designated PSP. 

When selecting the Orders page, the All Orders list is displayed by default. The options to display orders of only one status are listed below the All Orders option. Orders are listed by the Date column starting with the most recent order. Additionally, the list also displays the following columns:

  • Status 
  • Order ID
  • Customer
  • PSP
  • Total Quantity 
  • Tags

Order and Order Routing Page Navigation

  • Enter text into the Search Orders field to narrow the list based on matching criteria
  • The up-and-down arrow can also be clicked to change from ascending to descending order or vice versa. 
  • The user can scroll from top to bottom to navigate the list and use the page numbers, Previous and Next arrow buttons, First Page and Last Page arrow buttons, and customize the number seen on a page.

Below the All Orders option within the View Orders section on the left-side navigation pane are links to filter the view of the order repository by status. These lists have the same functionalities and layout as the All Orders page. For more information on title statuses, see the Understanding Order Status topic.