Orders can be viewed as a whole in the All Orders list, or they can be filtered to show only orders of the same status. To filter the orders by status, simply select the desired status from the View Orders section on the left-side navigation pane. The following is an explanation of each possible order status:

Accepted - All of the order files have been processed successfully and are ready for printing.

Pending - An incomplete order that has been saved but not yet submitted. This could be because an enquiry has been raised and not yet resolved.

Cancelled - The order has been cancelled.

Errored - The artwork has not been submitted or has failed preflighting, please check the preflight report. The artwork can be refetched manually by going to the Files page, where the status of the files is displayed as Failed. Click the blue Refetch button. The process may take a few minutes depending on the file size and the number of orders coming into the system. If successful the order moves from Errored to Accepted.

Processing - The order has been validated successfully and is waiting for the files to be fetched and processed.

At Dispatch - The order has been manufactured and is awaiting shipping.

Shipped - The order has been shipped. This is the final stage.