Access any order's Order Details page by clicking on the order within the list. The Order Details page displays with the order ID at the top of the page.

Actions menu - Located at the top, right corner and allows the user to easily Cancel the Order. An order can be cancelled up until lit is shipped. 

Shipment section

  • Contains the shipping information, book status, and details of the shipped book. If there are multiple shipments, these are displayed one after another in the Shipment box with the headings Shipment #1, Shipment #2, etc. 

For more information on book status, see the Understanding Title Status topic, and for more information on order statuses, see the Understanding Order Status topic.

  •  ... menu - Allows the user to Edit or Reprint the shipment if the status of the shipment allows

Order Details section - Contains further details about the order such as the order ID, customer name, time submitted, the status, and the order source. Clicking on the View Order Source option displays the Order Source dialog.


The user can also toggle between Postbacks and Order Logs:

Postback list - Includes details on the event, date, and status

Order Logs list - Displays the log message and the date it occurred