If an order has been edited in order to correct the error, the Retry Submission error can be used to resubmit the order in order to take it out of its Errored state. The order is re-submitted and if the issue that was occurring was resolved then the order is successfully submitted to Piazza. Follow the steps below to retry a submission:

1. Click to open the Orders page.

2. Click to open the View Submission Errors page. The list of submission errors is displayed.

3. Click to select the desired submission error. The Order Submission Error is displayed.

4. Navigate to the bottom of the page below the Data Submitted section.

5. Click the Retry Submission button. A drop-down menu appears to select an account.

6. Click the account to submit the order with in the drop-down menu.

7. Click the Submit Order button below the Data Submitted box. A dialog appears confirming the resubmission using the chosen credentials.

Click the Discard Changes button to end the process without resubmitting.

8. Click the Confirm button to proceed. A message appears indicating the order is successfully resubmitted.

Click the Cancel button to close dialog without resubmitting the order.