The In Progress dashboard displays the status of your current WIP (items/orders in

production) and is intended to illustrate the overall SLA performance.

In Progress Dashboard Page Options

Shipments/Items - At the top right of the screen is the Shipments/Items option. Toggle between viewing numbers by items (books) viewing numbers by shipments

Results Time Period - To the right of the Daily Fulfillment section are options to change the time period shown in the Daily Fulfillment section: Last Week (7 days), Last Month (30 days), and Last Year (365 days).

Providers List pane - Subset data by providers using the selections of the left of the page or aggregate all providers using the top All Providers option. 

Data shown - Daily Fulfilment

SLA - Overall SLA performance on the period specified (shipments due vs shipped)

Shipments Due - Shipments that should be shipped in this time span

Shipped - Number of above that were shipped 

Unshipped - Number of the above that were unshipped

Lates Out - Number of shipments that were due previously that were dispatched in

this period

Lates Carried - The running total of outstanding late shipments