The Location Tracker tools allow the user to create a stock list of items and build out a warehouse to track the location and inventory levels of those stock items.

This tool can be useful for customers who:

  • Want to ship pick-and-pack products and need to know where all products are in their warehouse.
  • Need a system for the management of materials from the brand.

The brand has personalized items produced in various PSPs. If the PSP runs out of materials, they are unable to make the product. This product might be static endpapers for books or personalized packaging or a card insert. They are not produced by the PSP; they are owned by the brand, shipped to the PSP, and the PSP holds them as components as things they are going to put together. 

The brand has to figure out the volume of products per PSP, run their stock lines accordingly, and not over or under the order. 

The stock management tool is ideal for both these use cases. It is a mechanism to track stock items at various PSPs that is tied to a location management system, which enables the user to track where stock is in a factory.

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