Title ingestion enables publishers to make book manufacturing and distribution more time and cost-efficient and easy to do. The objectives of this document are to provide a step-by-step guide on adding a book to HP Piazza via API calls.

Automated Ingestion

The document describes how the ingestion can be done through the API and in the most automated manner.

The sequence of steps is described below. The order of the sequence cannot be altered or the automated linking and checking of the files will not be triggered.

  • The specifications are already created (either in the UI or through the described API procedure).
  • Files are uploaded in Piazza.
  • The titles are created through uploading a .csv file with all details.
  • If the naming convention is followed, the files are automatically linked to the titles, and checks are triggered.
  • If some error exists, the files are corrected (manual or automatic), and the title becomes Print Ready.

The title can then be moved to Live and is able to be ordered.

Naming Convention

The automated linking of the files to the spec and metadata is done through the file names. The file name must be the same as sourceProductId in the following way:

Cover: {sourceProductId}_cover.pdf

Text: {sourceProductId}_text.pdf

{component}: {sourceProductId}_{component}.pdf

All of those steps can be programmed in the master MIS system to implement an automatic ingestion process. The only necessary human intervention is to correct the errors on files if current autocorrect options are not able to fix the files to print-ready states.

Bulk Upload of Files

  1. Open the Files tab in Piazza.
  2. Select the Upload button (can be done in any desired folder). Remember that the file name needs to follow the previously defined naming convention.
  3. Select all the necessary files.
  4. Click the Open button.

The files are uploaded and appearing as Checked in the Files tab.

Bulk Upload of Titles

  1. Select the Import Titles option In the Books section of Piazza on the Bulk Upload menu on the left.
  2. Drag and drop the .csv file containing all the metadata as per the template.

The template is able to be downloaded.

The bulk title upload creates a report highlighting any potential errors in the Title metadata.

  1. Correct any errors if necessary.
  2. Click the Mark as complete button when all the titles are identified as complete. This triggers the linking and checking of the files.

If there is any preflight or spec check errors, the titles appear in Data Ready state because some of the data is missing, and they can be consulted in the Books tab under the Title Errors section on the left.


Several title postbacks can be configured to track the status of the title ingestion process, as well as the different title events. These postbacks are as follows:

  • Title created
  • Title updated
  • Title Print-Ready
  • Title Published – Live
  • Title unpublished
  • Title deleted
  • Title error

These postbacks help the publisher to reassure the progress of the different title changes.