All 3D products require a batch imposition. When an item is batched and goes for imposition, it is being prepared for a build bucket. Follow the steps below to create a new 3D imposition:

1. Navigate to the Products tab on the main toolbar.

2. Click on the Imposition option in the Configuration section located on the left-side navigation pane. The Impositions list is displayed.

3. Click on the Add New button to add a new imposition. The Select Imposition Type dialog is displayed.

4. Click to select the Batch option under the 3D Nesting section. The Add Imposition page is displayed.

5.  Input the Imposition Name and Description in the associated fields. 

6. Click to select the Build Profile option to configure the build profile. The build profile page appears with fields to input measurements.

The build profile sets the 3-dimensional space for the imaging using width, height, and depth measurements in either millimeters or inches, as well as a thickness measurements in microns (μm). The thickness measurement refers to the depth of a layer in microns. 

7. Select either millimeters or inches from the Units drop-down menu.

8. Input the desired measurements for the build profile in the Width, Height, and Depth fields.

9. Input the desired measurement for the build profile Thickness field.

10. Click the Save button when complete.

11. The imposition is added to the Impositions list.