Use the Configure Account Settings section to set up your Site Flow/PrintOS account information. This information includes (but is not limited to) your company contact information, system preferences (such as your time zone and your company hours of operation), press settings, and your customer service representative template.

Account admins configure Account Settings. 


Account Settings

Click the SETUP tab (see #1) and open COMPANY > Settings (see #2).  
The Account Settings page is displayed.


Select Settings > Profile to add or edit your company's profile information that is associated with your account. Note that the fields with an asterisk (*) at the end of their name must be filled.

Enter the Company Name, Phone, and Email associated with this account.

Enter your company's primary Address in Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 (optional), City, and Postal/Zip Code.

Enter Fax Number, State (if applicable), and Country associated with this account.

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Select Settings > System to view and edit your account's system preferences.

Select Allow Customer Reprints to request reprint jobs.

Select Enforce Batch Scan to enable a dispatch alert, enforcing all shipment-related batches to be completed before the shipment can be shipped.


Select the Timezone Group in which the Account's address is located from the list of options in the dropdown. Select the Timezone in which region the address is located; it observes a uniform standard time.

Select the standard for displaying the month, day, and year for your local Date Format.

Select Weight Units to defines the unit of measure for the weight.
Select Weight Display units for your account's shipments/packages. 

Select your account's payment Currency and Area units to define the unit of measure for the width, length, and height.

Select to add a default Customer Service Representative (CSR) email Template.

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Select Settings > Press to view and edit your account's press settings.

Select Use Cloud Files to store artworks on remote cloud files and thus no syncing is required. 
The JDF Link shows the JDF file that includes the prefix for the artwork URLs. It should not contain a trailing slash.

Unselect Use Cloud files to enable the artworks to be synced into the local artwork network storage folder.  Select the Sync Agent, the agent used to download files into the Local Artwork Storage. Select the Sync Agent Storage Location which is the local path to the fold where artworks will be downloaded by the Agent. Should not contain a trailing slash. The JDF Link shows the local paths. 

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Select Settings > Operations to view and edit your account's operating times and holidays.

Select your company's Operating Days, Starting Time, and Ending Time.

Please note that the Starting Time must be filled.

Enter your Annual and/or Custom Holidays then click Add.

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Click Save Change at any of the Account Settings tabs to save your changes.

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