Use this section to manage the settings for all the users in your account. View and edit user details including usernames and emails. You can also add and manage multiple user account roles, reset passwords and resend invites to any user. 


User List

Click the SETUP tab (see #1) and open COMPANY > Users (see #2). 

The User List is displayed listing each user's Name, Username, Email, and whether they are a Production User or not.

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User List Options

The User List view options are available in the top-right portion of the screen.

Click on the dropdown to show view options. 
Select Active or Inactive 
to filter through the available users.

Click the Toggle columns icon to choose to display or hide the Name, Username, Email, and/or Production User columns of the user list table.

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User Details

Select and click on a row to open a specific user's details.

The User Details page is displayed.

Turn the Active switch on/off to activate or de-activate the selected user.

Enter or change the user's Name (required), Username, and Email.

Select whether this user is a Production User or not.
Click Save when done.

If the selected user is a Production User (see #3) and has a production role (see #4), a Smart Card No. appears below the user details, as shown below. 

The Smart Card No. is used as an alternate login if the station is configured to be a Production Station, as shown on the SETUP > UTILITIES > Tools page - HP Site Flow (oneflowcloud.com)

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Account Roles

All user roles in your account are listed in Account Roles including the user's Name, Role, and API Token.
Click View Token to view the User API Access Token.

Click on the below icons to copy the Token or Secret.

Click on the 'X' icon to remove a user role.

Click Add Role to add a new Account Role for the selected user.

Select an Access Role for the selected user and which Account(s) they will have access to.
Access Role
Click Add Role when done.

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Click the ellipses icon found on the top right of the page to Reset Password of or Resend Invitation to the selected User.

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