This section outlines the process of creating a simple product. This article is not intended to demonstrate every feature of Site Flow's Product creation process. Rather, it is meant to show the core moving parts required to create a new product.

There are three parts to the creation of a product: Product Details (outlined on this page), Components, and Workplan. You must complete all three parts to save a product.

Note: The SKU creation process is explained in detail in the SKU article.


Products list

Click the PRODUCTS tab (see #1) and open PRODUCTS > View Products (see #2).

A full list of your products appears, listed in alphabetical order.

Products options

The Products view options are available in the top-right portion of the screen. Here you can filter through your products list, as well as add a new product.


Click on the dropdown to show view options. Select Active or Inactive to filter through the available products.

Click the Toggle columns icon to choose to display the products' Product Code, Description, Product Type, Components, and/or Actions.

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Create a product

Click the PRODUCTS tab and open PRODUCTS > View Products. Click Add New to add a new product to your account.

The Product Details page is displayed.

Product Details

The Product Details tab is selected by default. This is where you add the basic product details.

Flip the Active switch to activate or deactivate your product.

Fill in the Product Code and Product Description fields. These fields are allowed to be identical.

Select the Product Type field from the drop-down list.

Write in the Unit Weight of your product.

Select Base or Catalog for the Base Product field. In practice, most products are going to fall under the Catalog, and you may keep it as such, unless otherwise specified.

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In this tab you are able to upload an image that will become the thumbnail for your product to show up in the storefront UI. Click the Images link to open the Shops Product Image Gallery page. 

Click Upload File.

The Upload File window appears.

There are three options: File Upload from your hard drive, URL, and the Site Flow Media Library.

Select File Upload and click Select File.


Choose the URL tab and put in the address of your chosen image.


Select Media Library to pull up the collection of your Site Flow images to select from,

Once the image is uploaded, it will appear to the right of Upload File. You may add more thumbnails if necessary.

To delete a thumbnail, hover over the image and click the X in the top-right corner.

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The SKU creation process is explained in detail in the SKU article.

Next step

When your details are filled out, you may proceed to the next part of the process: Components.

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