Stock Products are generic non-customizable items kept in stock, such as promotional flyers and photo book covers. They are added to orders, but they are not specifically printed as part of the order. They can include anything from labels to fliers. In this article you will learn how to create and edit a stock product.


Stock Products list

Click the PRODUCTS tab (see #1) and open PRODUCTS > Stock Products (see #2).

A full list of your Stock Products appears, listed in alphabetical order.

Stock Products options

The Stock Products view options are available in the top-right portion of the screen. Here you can filter through your Stock Products list, as well as add a new Stock Product.

Click on the dropdown to show view options. Select Active or Inactive to filter through the available SKUs.

Click the Toggle columns icon to choose to display the Preview, Name, Code, Unit Cost, Stock Level, and/or Required Stock Level.

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Add Stock Product

Click the PRODUCTS tab and opening PRODUCTS > View SKUs. Click Add New to add a new product to your account.

The Add Stock window opens.

The Code field acts as a unique identifier for the stock item, and is submitted with the order data.

Fill in the Name and Product Description fields. These fields are allowed to be identical.

If the PSP or brand has a barcode they wish to use, it can be entered in the Barcode field. This barcode will be scanned at the shipping station to assign the stock item to the shipment, and will remain static. These barcodes are often printed and kept at shipping, so that the operator can quickly access it.

Fill in the Stock Level. This value decreases each time a stock item is dispatched.

The Required Stock Level is the minimum threshold, below which the stock must be replenished.

Unit Cost is the charge made to the client of the PSP. 

Unit Price is used for the CN22 customs forms. A null value cannot be used. 

Enter the Country of origin for your stock product.

Also, enter the details of your HS Code and its HS Description. HS Code stands for "Harmonized System code." These codes are a standardized numerical method of classifying traded products.

The Weight field is the gross weight of the finished product, including any wrapping. This value excludes any packaging. It is used when calculating shipping.

Click Upload Image to add an image to your stock product. Only one image can be added per product.

Click Save when finished.

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Edit Stock Product

Open PRODUCTS > View Stock Products and select the product you wish to edit from your list. The Edit Stock menu appears. 

Follow the same process as outlined in the section above. The fields in the Edit Stock and Add New pages are identical. Click Save when you finish editing.

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