We are introducing an HP Site Flow enhancement that allows the user to add a barcode to their Package. A barcode is generated automatically when a Package is created. We are also introducing the option to add an SSCC barcode to a Package label.


Package label field

Click the SHIPPING tab (see #1) and open CONFIGURATION > Shipping Method (see #2).

A full list of your shipping methods appears.

The new Package label field appears below the Default Label field.

Select a Package label from the list (labels are created and edited in CONFIGURATION > Shipping Labels).

Click Save when finished.

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Package label printer

With this enhancement we also added the ability to select a Package label printer with a new drop-down field. Customers still have the option to use the same label printer as the one they use for the Standard or Carrier labels, but they may also configure an additional printer for Package labels.

In the SHIPPING tab (see #1) select Reconcile & Dispatch in the SHIP category (see #2). Then click Station Settings (see #3).

The Station Settings window appears. Scroll down to the Printer section and choose the desired Print Package Labels to... from the drop-down.

When you finish making your selection, click Done

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SSCC stands for Serial Shipping Container Code. It is a barcode standard developed by GS1 and is commonly used at warehouses (Amazon requires SSCC barcodes). A company that wishes to use a GS1 barcode must purchase a yearly membership with the organization. 

The code contains four parts, seen in the following screenshot.

Extension Digit
This digit can be any value between 0 and 9, and allows the creation of more SSCCs.
GS1 Company Prefix 

This prefix  is allocated to you when you join GS1 UK, and is available in My Numberbank when you log in on the GS1 website.

Serial Reference
This number is between six and nine digits in length, depending on the length of your GS1 company prefix, and is allocated by the company identifying the pallet. Each pallet requires a different serial number.
Check Digit
This digit is a calculation based on the previous 17 digits. The calculation is the same as used for other GS1 identifiers, such as GTINs and GLNs. The check digit calculator can be found in the members’ area in the Tools & Resources menu when you log in on the GS1 website.

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Add SSCC barcode and number to a label

Click the SHIPPING tab (see #1) and open CONFIGURATION > Shipping Labels (see #2).

A full list of your shipping labels appears.

Select an existing label to edit OR click the + symbol in the top-right corner to create a new one.

The Label Details page opens. Select the Designer tab from the navigation on the left.

The Label Designer page opens.

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Add SSCC barcode to a label

Click the + to create a new label OR select an existing label from the list (see #1) and click the Add barcode button (see #2).

The barcode options appear. Select sscc18 from the Barcode Type drop-down.

Note: You may also select the gs1-128 barcode type instead. GS1-128 differs from sscc18 because in addition to encoding the data, it also provides a method for defining the meaning of the data by defining a list of 'Application Identifiers' (AI’s). As a result, GS1-128 can be used for purposes other than the SSCC barcode. The sscc18 barcode type includes the AI “00” prefix to indicate the SSCC-18 data structure will follow (for more information go to www.gs1-128.info/sscc-18/).

Select {{SSCCBarcode}} from the handlebar drop-down to the right of Barcode Type.

If you choose to use GS1-128, please note that the AI (00) is not included in the {{SSCCBarcode}} value. If you would like to display it on the label below the barcode, you can change the {{SSCCBarcode}} text field value to (00){{SSCCBarcode}}. For example: if the barcode is 00856310007790611, it will appear on the label as (00)00856310007790611.

Click Add. The barcode appears on the canvas below. You may move and resize it as you see fit.

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Add SSCC barcode number to a label

Click the A icon to select the text category (see #1). Select {{SSCCBarcode}} from the handlebar drop-down (see #2) and choose its font size and style.

Click Add. The SSCC barcode appears on the canvas below. You may select it and move it around the canvas

Your result may look something like this.

When you are finished creating or editing your label click Save Label in the bottom-right corner of the page.

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The shipment shipped postback can now contain the packages.barcode and packages.SSCCbarcode fields. Consider the  following JSON-based template containing both {{barcode}} and  {{SSCCbarcode}} handlebars.

The resulting payload sent from Site Flow to the external system will then look like this:

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