Outbound Report is a high-level management report that shows how many shipments have been shipped and are due on a particular day, Each line represents a different customer account. Once everything for a particular day is completed, the box is cleared.


Outbound Report

Click the ANALYTICS tab (see #1) and open REPORTS > Outbound (see #2).

Outbound Report shows the status of shipments by ship by date over the past 90 days, with detail by day over the current week.

Shipment Progress

Each day displays a shipment progress bar that shows a percentage of shipments shipped.
The greener the bar is, the closer it is to be 100% shipped.

Click on the number of Shipped or Due shipments to view their list in that particular category.

Shipment List

Here you will see a list of the shipments, along with the order number and the date and time they are due out. 

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