SLA Report shows a summary of SLA completion rates per source account. The SLA data for each account - displayed on a specific day - is displayed based on 4 categories: Due, On Time, Late, and Unshipped.


Getting Started

Click the ANALYTICS tab (see #1) and open REPORTS > S (see #2).

Service Levels

The SLA Report displays performance over the past 7 days based on shipped versus ship-by dates. 

For each source account and day you see the following metrics:

  • Due: Number of shipments due on that day based on ship-by date.
  • On Time: Number of shipments due that were shipped on or before the ship by date.
  • Late: Number of shipments that have been shipped after the ship by date.
  • Unshipped: Number of shipments due on that date that have not yet been shipped.

You can analyze the data further by selecting any line, which will show you how many items were due on a particular date, how many were late, and how many are still unshipped. 

Click on an Unshipped or Due number to view a list of the orders and find out where they are in the process and accelerate them where possible.

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