In this article you will learn to view and filter through your orders. Also learn about order statuses and priority statuses.


Orders list

Click the ORDERS tab (see #1). ORDERS > All Orders opens by default. From here you may select All Orders, Pending, Cancelled, Error, Dataready, Printready, Complete, or Shipped. The page layout for the aforementioned pages is identical (see #2).

Order statues are explained in the following table:

PendingAn incomplete order that has been saved but not yet submitted. Possibly because an enquiry has been raised but not yet resolved.
CancelledThe order has been cancelled.
ErrorThe artwork has not been submitted, or has failed preflighting. Check the preflight report. The artwork can be refetched manually by navigating to the Files page, where the status of the files is displayed as Failed. Click the blue Refetch button. The process may take a few minutes, depending on the file size and the number of orders coming into the system. If successful, the order moves from Errored to Accepted.
DatareadyThe order has been created successfully.
PrintreadyThe order is ready to be printed.
CompleteThe order has been printed and is ready to be shipped.
ShippedThe order has been shipped. This is the final stage.

Orders options

Orders view options are available on the top-right of the screen.


Click the Filter button to open the Orders filter options.

  1. PRIORITY: Choose from the list of color-coded options. The parameters for these colors are configured by the user.
  2. SOURCE: Select the source account associated with the order. There will only be one option unless other accounts have been previously linked (learn more about linking accounts here).
  3. STATUS: Select the statuses of the order that you wish to display. This option is only visible on the All Orders page.


Filter through the orders by the associated order tags.

Click the Refresh icon to refresh the list.

Choose the columns you wish to display for your orders. All columns are selected by default.

Click the New Order button to begin creating a new order.

You may navigate your list of orders using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page.

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