This article explains how to create a new order. This process includes adding and customizing your shipment items, adding and editing shipment info, and configuring the customer associated with your order.


Create new order

Click the ORDERS tab (see #1). ORDERS > All Orders opens. (see #2). Click New Order in the top-right corner of the page (see #3).

The Create Order window appears.

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Add items to a shipment

Click Add Item inside the Shipment #1 box.

The Add Item to Shipment menu appears. Here you may add and customize your products.

Select Base Products, SKU Products, or Stock Items from the first column (see #1).

The associated products appear in the middle column (see #2). Select the product you wish to add.

Fill in the Unit Cost, Unit Price (RRP), and Quantity fields (Quantity is required) (see #3). Note that if you selected a Stock Item, you will only see Unit Price and Quantity fields in the rightmost column.

Customize the components associated with the chosen product here, including the dimensions and the Preflight Profile (see #4).

Click Add Item when you are satisfied with your product details.

The product appears in the Items box.

Note: If an added Item contains more than one component, it appears as a collapsed blue bar. Click the down-arrow on the left side of the bar to expand the product's components.

You must add a thumbnail for every added component. Click the Upload File box.

The Choose File prompt appears. You may add a photo from your computer using File Upload. You may also use an absolute path for a web-based image (URL) or a relative path associated with your account (Local File).

Also, select the Preflight Profile.

Click Upload File when finished.

You may add more Items to your shipment by clicking Add Item below your list of previously added items.

To edit or delete an added item, click the ellipses box to the right of Quantity. Choose Edit Item or Remove Item from the drop-down.

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Edit shipment info

Click the ellipses box above the blue Shipping Details column on the right and select Edit Shipment (Note that once you add at least one Item you will also see the options to Remove All Items and Remove shipment).

The Shipping Address page appears. Fill in the required address fields, as well as all the recipient's relevant contact info. 

Click Done when finished.

The added details now display in the Shipping Details column.

Note: In the following section you will choose or create customer info in the CUSTOMER field. Adding or creating a customer will overwrite your existing shipping info, and thus it may be better to leave this field blank until you finish the rest of the page.

Once you are satisfied with Shipment #1, you may add more shipments by clicking Add Shipment. Your order may contain as many shipments as necessary.

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Order Details

The Order Details section sits directly beneath the Shipments box.

The first field in this section is ORDER ID. Site Flow generates a new ID every time you create a new order, so this field should be left as is in most cases.

Choose a customer from the CUSTOMER drop-down. You may also create a brand new customer by clicking the + icon to the right of the field.

Click the + icon to add a new customer. The Add Client window appears. Fill in the name and contact details.

Toggle the Active option to deactivate the customer. You may also toggle Account Default to make the new client the account's default customer. Doing this hides the Active option.

Click Save when finished.


PRIORITY allows you to select importance level of your order using color codes. The parameters of these codes are configured by the user.

Click the View Order Source link to display the most up-to-date JSON for order as it is currently. The JSON changes every time you update the order info. 

Order Source is used for display purposes only, and cannot be modified,

Click Close at the bottom of the code window when finished.

Finally, add additional shipping instructors in the NOTES textbox, if applicable.

When you are finished with the order, you may either click Create Order or Save Pending.

Choose Save Pending you wish to return to the order at a later time. The order now appears on the ORDERS > Pending page.

Click Create Order when you are fully satisfied and wish to submit the order to the system. The order now appears on the ORDERS > Dataready page. You will not be able to edit orders in this category.

Note: If the system finds any information errors in your submission, the order will appear in ORDERS > Error.

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Additional order details 

Select an existing order from the ORDERS list. The Order Details page appears.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the section containing three tabs: Notes, Postbacks, and Order Logs. Notes is selected by default. Type a note into the textbox and click Update.

Select the Postbacks tab. The list of order logs appears, containing three columns: Event, Date, and Status.

Select the Order Logs tab. The list of order logs appears, containing two columns: Message and Date. Click Show All to see the full list (if available).

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