Submission errors are issues with the incoming order data structure or content. The most common are orders that contain invalid SKUs, component codes that don't match the product configuration of that SKU, or invalid shipping carrier/methods for the Brand.

If your order is unsuccessful, you will receive one of the messages found in this article.


Submission Error List

Click the ORDERS tab (see #1) and open ORDER MANAGEMENT > View Submission Errors (see #2). 

Submission Errors View Options

Submission Errors view options are available on the top-right of the screen.

Click the first dropdown to sort by either your or the Brand's Submission Errors. 

If you select to Show Brand's Errors, you must specify the source account/Brand as well.

Click the back arrow to reset the Show Errors filters.

Click the Refresh icon to reload the page to show any changes to the Submission Error List

Click the Toggle columns icon to choose to show or hide Resubmitted errors, Timestamp, Source account, error Destination, or Error Message columns of the Submission Error list table.

Select to view 10, 25, or 50 Submission Errors per page using the pagination shown below.

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Submission Errors Details

Each Submission Error's Resubmitted status, Timestamp, Source account (Brand)Destination account, and Error Message are listed.

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Order Submission Error

When a Submission Error is selected, the Order Submission Error details page is displayed. 

The Order Submission Error page gives further details about the error including:

  • Order Submission Error DetailsThe previously displayed column details from the Submission Errors list.

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  • Errors List

    • Error Name 
    • The corresponding Message - Gives the user more insight into the error and its resolution.

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  • Show Details

    This section expands to display the error message details.

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  • Postbacks

    This section expands and displays a list of postbacks along with each's Event, Date Time, Method, Status Code, Notes, and Status.

    When expanding a postback, its Payload, Result link, and Status details show.

    Click View Result to see the Postback result in detail.

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  • Data Submitted

The following actions can be taken with the submission error:

  • Copy Order Content: 
    The order content is copied to clipboard where it can be later pasted in a word processor.

  • Download Order
    Download your Order in the form of a json file.

  • Retry Submission
    If an order has been edited in order to correct the error, the Retry Submission error can be used to resubmit the order in order to take it out of its Errored state. The order is re-submitted and if the issue that was occurring was resolved then the order is successfully submitted to Piazza. Follow the steps below to retry a submission:

    - Click Retry Submission and select an account from the drop-down menu that appears.

    - Click Submit Order below the Data Submitted box. A dialog appears confirming the resubmission using the chosen credentials.
    - Click the Discard Changes button to end the process without resubmitting.

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