Account Settings:

Use the General settings to configure how certain items will appear on the site, like date formats and measurements.

Most importantly, be sure to set your timezone and Default SLA correctly.

What Does this Do? When an order is received, we first check your timezone to calculate what day it is where you are, (a brand in Singapore sending to a producer in the USA may cross a day boundary) for example. If the order sent does not contain a due date we will then take the current day and add on the number of standard working days specified in “Default SLA Days”, using the result as the due date for the order.

EG. If your default SLA days is 2 and an order is received on Monday, its due date will be the Wednesday A similar order received on a Friday would be due on the following Tuesday.

Manage Users:

Here you can invite whatever users you need to your account, giving each a role that will affect their access.

Triggers / Templates

Triggers are a set of configurable communication points where Connect can send information to outside systems and people, templates are used to help set this information into a useful format.