The Production tab in Site Flow Light shows a complete listing of live and complete jobs. You can see when each live job must be completed and shipped. Also, you can go to the shipment, download the file, or print the Job sheet of completed Jobs.


Live Jobs

Here, you have a list of Production jobs you need to complete to fulfill your orders. All live jobs are sorted in the order in which they are to be dispatched.

The pill on the right shows when each job must be completed and shipped. 

The pill colors are as follows:

  • Green: More than 2hrs remaining to complete.
  • Orange: Less than 2hrs remaining to complete.
  • Red: Overdue

A job represents one Line Item in an Order; it will have the appropriate number of components, shown as Qty. For example, a book would be liable to have a cover and text components.


Click on an item to expand the components within. Click Go To Shipment to navigate to the correct shipment on the Orders page. Click Download File to download the Job files or Print Job Sheet to produce the job sheets.

Select multiple items and click Complete to mark them as complete. You can also select to print the Job sheets of the selected items. Click Deselect All to remove your selection. 

Scanning a job sheet barcode on this screen opens a modal (shown in the second below image) with the appropriate item selected, allowing the same functions to be applied to a single item.

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Completed Jobs

Here, you can see a list of Jobs that you have completed. These are retained in case you need to action reprints of a Job. Controls remain the same as live jobs through order files will cease to be available after 30 days.

The status pills also have a different meaning here:

  • Green: Complete with more than 2hrs remaining.
  • Orange: Completed with less than 2hrs remaining.
  • Red: Completed later

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